Free-time services

Corporate entertainment – Have a great day out at RabócsiRing.

Due to the improvements of the recent years, activities of RabócsiRing have become more wide-ranging. The initial rallycross track now offers a huge range of free-time activities. With a decade of sporting events under our belts, we know how to please our clients.
With its combination of excellent facilities, a convenient location and high-quality services RabócsiRing provides a unique venue for any corporate event. We try our best to meet our customers’ demands and since we have an impressive choice of accompanied programmes, we are able to find solutions tailor-made to our clients’ requirements.
Apart from arranging individual programmes, we would like to draw your attention to special opportunities listed below.

Gokart Competiton Events.

Arranged according to the Formula 1 rules.

– Free Practice
– Qualifying sessions
– Race
– Prize giving

We award a trophy to the winner and runners-up who are presented with champagne as well.

Advertising opportunities at the RabócsiRing during the events.

We offer a number of accompanied programmes including paintball, quad, rodeo bull, air-castle, wall climbing, football field, volleyball court and many others.

The prices of the accompanied programmes depend on the number of participants and period of time.

Exhibition facilities at RabócsiRing.

We host rallycross and drift competitions at RabócsiRing several times a year. At a time these successful events are visited by up to 10 000 spectators. As the majority of our visitors are enthusiastic about motorsports and cars, we decided to provide exhibition facilities for car companies and firms connected with cars or driving. We offer exhibition areas ranging from 40 m2 to 80 m2
If requested, we can provide a pavilion at extra charge. Leaflets, catalogues and other promotional materials can be distributed at no charge during the exhibitions.

Our major references: Auto Nagy, Carmo Suzuki, Ford Vagép, Opel Gombos, Peugeot Xevico.

RING restaurant – Camping facilities.

RabócsiRing boasts an open-air restaurant enabling groups of up to several hundred people to be seated with ease. The restaurant offers a big choice of hamburgers, one-course dishes, ice-creams, coffee, selected soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Lunch and dinner are also available from the menu.

The campsite may provide an excellent scene for ball games. Small children can have fun on the playground. Hygienic conditions are assured. The whole track is fitted with loud-speakers which make entertainment much more enjoyable.

We have hosted them.

Marso Kft, T-Mobile, Opel Csősz, K&H Bank, Würth, Coca Cola, Farm Tüzép, Trenkwalder Multiman Kft., OMV, Coloplast, Bona Magyarország, Philip Morris, Autó Net

You can choose some following programs  

( You have opportunity for chosse more following programs )


It is necessary to hang on at the horn of the bull, while the bull budy twirls-turns under us.
Unforgottable leisure facility, that will be the one of favourite program.
We recommend it as all age groups.

The climbing wall has three sides, the sides are different grade.
The climbing are provided with ropes, with staff helping furthermore and we offer the service beside suitable safety measures.

The candicates are tied up into the ball, and we roll the ball.

With 24 pieces of gun, on a full built-up orbit.
12-12 are going on in head groups for 24 heads simultaneously the game. May be repeated naturally, or there may be less from staff numbers independently.

The service 5 pieces quadot, and incorporates helping staff in himself.
Electoral opportunity there is a slalom on an orbit onto time, competition with a character, concerned on a facultative manner adventure tour with a character, on 3 kilometres, the area of the complex.

Fastened onto ropes, the players can move on an area defined only, it is necessary to bring the ball into the gate so.
Distinguished team constructor game, since the players are sent onto each other in a full measure.

Arranged according to the Formula 1 rules.

– Free Practice
– Qualifying sessions
– Race
– Prize giving

We award a trophy to the winner and runners-up who are presented with champagne as well.

Évente több alkalommal rendezünk a RabócsiRingen nagysikerű Rallycross versenyeket, melyekre akár 10 000 néző is ellátogat alkalmanként. Mivel ezen nézők többsége rajong az autósportért, az autókért, ezért úgy gondoltuk hogy, kiállítási lehetőséget biztosítunk autókereskedések, az autókhoz autózáshoz kötődő cégek számára. Max. 40 m2-ig. kiállítási terület biztosítása. Max. 80 m2-ig. kiállítási terület biztosítása
We organise a lot of race and competition with big succes on the RabócsiRing, onto which 10 000 spectators visit even. We believed it so for the cars, this since the majority of these spectators is enthusiastic about the motor sport that, we provide an exhibition opportunity autókereskedések, for the firms attaching to traveling by car to the cars. Max. To 40 M2. the insurance of an exhibition area. Max. To 80 M2. the insurance of an exhibition area. We can insure a pavilion for surcharge in case of a claim. Under the time of the exhibition leaflets catalogues and other PR substances freely spreadable.The most important references: Autó Nagy, Carmo Suzuki, Ford Vagép, Opel Gombos, Peugeot Xeviko

DuEn_HellDriftPro2_177More hundred capital recipient abilities – open-air service – big choice.
( hamburger, one-course dishes, coffee, ice cream, refreshing drinks, alcoholic drinks… )
Camping:   The campsite’s area may be the scene of the ball games even. The small ones may have fun with a playground. The hygienic conditions are provided in full whole one’s.the sound built up on the whole area of the orbit makes the entertainment more comfortable likewise.


Marso KftT-Mobile, Opel Csősz, K&H Bank, Würth, Coca Cola, Farm Tüzép, Trenkwalder Multiman Kft., OMV, Coloplast, Bona Magyarország, Philip Morris, Autó Net.


Trenkwalder Multiman Kft.
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Philip Morris
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Családi motoros nap
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